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VdA DOP Petite Arvine "Nuances"

Strength and tension, fullness and elegance, hints of tropical yellow pulp and iodised salt anticipate notes of petits fours and chamomile. A cool and simple sip apparently hides its full flavour that is released in the sweet spicy notes of juniper and vanilla pods. Enriched by a trail of smokiness, the mineral flavour of gravel and rock comes out in a triumph of colourful emotions.

Grape varieties

This variety originated in the Swiss Canton of Valais. It was first imported into Valle d’Aosta around mid-20th century by Canon Joseph Vaudan, who was a driving force in reviving Valdostan viticulture.

Petite Arvine is a semi-aromatic, late ripening grape with great wine-producing potential that is ideal for ageing in wood and steel alike.

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