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Petite Arvine Vallée d'Aoste DOC

VdA DOP Petite Arvine

Captivating aromas and colours that convey fruit and flowers, ranging from pineapple to rhubarb, from the coolness of grapefruit to the depth of iodated minerals and stone with a hint of freshly-cut mountain herbs. It creates harmony in the mouth and memory while after swallowing the equilibrium of a full-bodied, sapid, extremely pleasant wine lingers.

Grape varieties

This variety originated in the Swiss Canton of Valais. It was first imported to Valle d’Aosta around mid-20th century by Canon Joseph Vaudan, who was an driving force in reviving Valdostan viticulture.

Petite Arvine is a semi-aromatic, late ripening grape with great wine-producing potential that is ideal for ageing in wood and steel alike.

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