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Torrette Superieur Vallée d'Aoste DOC

VdA DOP Torrette Superieur

Over the years this wine has generated its own history, becoming an emblem of our viticulture. Heroic and surly, this wine is like a budding talent that will enchant us as we discover it sip by sip. A triumph of raspberries and blackberries followed by wild strawberries, pine trees and eucalyptus. Each sip releases dynamism and vigour with a final hint of white pepper and gingery spiciness. Long and captivating.

Grape varieties

Torrette is the most commonly produced wine in Valle d’Aosta. The main grape variety used is Petit Rouge, a very old native variety belonging to the Orious family (regulations specify that it must contain no less than 70%). This wine’s origins lie in what was then known as the “vinifera region” of Saint-Pierre (the term given both to the region’s best wine-growing areas and a true Grand Cru Classé wine). Given that the terrain exalts Petit Rouge’s sensory characteristics, Valle d’Aosta’s Torrette DOC area was extended to include further 11 neighbouring municipalities.

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