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4 seasons, one single aim

Winter means patience

The patience of those who know that life must respect its cycle and will soon reawaken. Scrupulous pruning and attention to detail. Short, crisp days when wine, like nature, is dormant and the cracking fireside is the farmer’s veritable haven.

Spring mean joy

The joy of those who once again hear the sound of lymph flowing in the vines that begin to weep. The vegetation awakens and country life resumes. The days lengthen and the sun warms the skin. It’s time to linger on the doorstep before hastening to prepare the land for summertime.

Summer means toil

Summer allows no respite. Nature is at most majestic and man can only listen, respect and interpret it. This is when the winegrower forges a relationship with his vines – a give and take relationship meaning that care for each bunch of grapes will result in a bountiful harvest at the cycle’s end.

Autumn means truth

Autumn arrives with no rules but immense joy. You must be ready to welcome its arrival. This season means gathering the fruit of your labour. Since not every year is generous it’s either a season full of satisfaction or grief. The quality of the harvest will tell you something about the new wine and, when the grapes are all gathered and vinification completed, the moment comes to let go and take a backward glance. It’s time to take stock of the road trodden and the way ahead.

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