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The love for our work

“I like making wine..."

“I like making wine because wine - along with cheese - is the only product of the land that raises agriculture and the farmer to its one and only rightful social level: the highest."

Undeniably, society tends to downgrade professions like farming by defining it as simply ‘unskilled labour’ and demoting the farmer to a rung on the social ladder below his rightful place. The myth of heroes and materialism are always the ones that tend to be sung the loudest but are empty myths lacking substance.

Today the average person has an unclear and confused idea of how important the farmer’s work is and how his working the land is on a par with that miracle we call life. We have too much and don’t even know where it comes from. So, if we carefully analyze man’s basic necessities of life, we realise that food is a commodity we cannot do without. This is what the farmer essentially is: a scholar of the earth, someone who gives life.

Wine, however, has always been enveloped in a veil of myth and legend, giving the winegrower the right amount of visibility for his work and appreciation for his efforts. To my mind, no-one really knows how many dawns a vineyard worker has seen, and few have felt such painful backache while working in the countryside.

Moreover, wine means communication. Every time we uncork a bottle we pour a little history into our glass - the history of who sought that wine, believed in it or who inherited it. Every sip enriches us, just like making a new acquaintance. No wine fails to reflect its producer’s personality completely.

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