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L'Emerico - Pinot Noir Vallé d’Aoste DOC

Vda DOP Pinot Noir

Transparent and charming, exuding strength and depth through its colour undertones. Lively. Alluring. It strikes home with aromas of wild juniper, intense essences of resin and pine needles followed by delicate white pepper and aromatic herbs. It’s like strolling through a meadow of mountain flowers and attempting to identify them all. Tasting it is a dynamic, creamy motion where the fresh flavour blends with the structure, keeping it light and extremely compelling. L’Emerico is both history and passion combined, remaining engraved on the palate and memory for a very, very long time. Like once upon a time, today and forever.

Why is it called “L’Emerico”?

Because this wine was made to generate inspiration. Emerico Ottin was the person who offered the greatest inspiration to creating our company. He was the first generation of Ottins to produce Pinot Noir. L’Emerico is our way of eternally expressing gratitude.

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