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If we were to choose a single word to describe this vintage, we would definitely pick generous. After some quite stingy vintages in terms of quantity, 2018 combines a good yield - always carefully controlled - with a great quality of the fruit: the balance. An extremely rainy spring delayed the sprouting of the vines, bringing the phenological stages back to almost forgotten rhythms. The summer was very hot, but accurate irrigation allowed us to never stress the plants.

The harvest began around mid-September with the Pinot Noir and continued throughout the month of October, ending as usual with the Fumin. The major innovation related to this vintage is the making process of the red wines: giving up the selected yeasts, the fermentation takes place spontaneously, using the yeasts naturally available on the skins. We will never present this choice as some search for authenticity; it is rather the result of a winemaking philosophy that binds us to a closer and more intimate connection with our wines, especially in the production phase.

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