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Clairet - Ottin vini

We have always espoused the idea that, in order to best interpret the future, you must know your past.It applies in life and it also applies in wine. So, more than ten years ago, while studying the history ofviticulture in Valle d’Aosta, we came for the first time to know about Clairet: a wine defined as “luxurywine”, composed of three parts Nebbiolo and one part Neiret.

Speaking about Clairet also means to bring back to light the history of a wine region Valle d’Aostawhich is never sufficiently talked about. A region which, at the beginning of the 19th century, countedmore than 4 thousand hectares of vineyards - today they are about 400 - and in which more than twentymunicipalities of the central valley based their livelihood on the wine trade. A region, in short, where winewas a serious matter.

“Post fata resurgam”, “After death I will be reborn”, is the motto of the Phoenix, a mythological birdcapable of rising from its own ashes. Back to life after centuries of oblivion, this wine stands as a unicumwithin its varietal panorama: it does not look to Piedmont, it does not recall Donnas nor Valtellina. It isand wants to be simply itself: Clairet.

Tasting notes

Lively ruby red color, with garnet hues. The ripe fruit is followed by typical varietal floral aromas: violet, rose,dried flowers. Balsamic and mentholated notes, together with tobacco and spice, give a dynamic, subtle andcomplex olfactory profile. The tannin is elegant, the sip is long, energetic and vibrant.

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