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When we speak of 2020, we cannot help but think of the pandemic. Its reflection was also perceived in the flow of the countryside, in the days in the vineyard surrounded by an unnatural silence, in which the advance of the vegetation often seemed to be the only parameter bywhich to measure time. A vintage, we believe, very intimate for every vigneron. Spring was warm, with regular budding in the first half of April. Once again, the strong summer heat shortened the growing season, arriving again at harvest around the beginning of September.

This vintage has also marked a curious change in the periodicity of summer winds, favoring the hot and humid wind coming from East. All this has modified the incidence of some pathogens and has, as a consequence, brought with it new challenges in the agronomic field. The harvest was generous and strongly qualitative. Yields, slightly higher than in 2019, gave more balance to the Petite Arvine, where, on red wines, a careful green harvest allowed us to adjust production according to the capacity of each vineyard. A very positive vintage, whose concrete results will be seen in time, with wines of particular longevity.

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