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Keep the Good

With each passing year, the vine gets better and the winemaker gets better. What have we learned from this year 2021? We have learned, perhaps, how to “prune”.We believe that it is, by now, undeniable the shadow that the pandemic has left on the course of these last two years. On an economic level, the increases in supplies prices are proving to be inevitable and massive. The relationship with our customers has become, sometimes, more distant, due to the restricted mobility of our times. The difficulty in finding labour affects every sector we deal with. To all of this is added the 2021 vintage, which saw us struggling hard against adverse weather conditions, spring frost and drought, responsible for a considerable drop in production. In pruning, as always, we remove the unnecessary and the damaged branches, in order to “keep the good” and preserve the best parts of the vine, which will guarantee production and continuity.

Winter is the main season of this practice and, just during these cold days, we realized how learning to “prune” is the only weapon we have to get out of these difficult years. The cut, in this case, is of course metaphorical: the difficult moments are the ones that make us grow the most, from which we come out with renewed awareness. Keeping the good of these years basically means looking at the glass as half-full, choosing the elements on which to base our future.In this year we have given even more value to the passion and dedication put in place daily by every single person who works with us, especially within our team. We rejoiced in feeling the warmth of our customers, who came back to visit us. We have appreciated, in the glass, the character of a terroir that, despite climate changes, remains alive and strong. Finally, we have had the confirmation that the organic way is the only one that is really worth to be followed.The difficulties encountered in recent years have, therefore, made us understand which are our spurs and our fruiting canes, the cornerstones on which we want to base our tomorrow, the buds to be preserved, whose sprouts will guarantee the future.

The cyclical nature of the countryside is not a limit, but an opportunity: the opportunity to improve.

Just like the vine does.
Just like in life.
Just as Francesco Guccini sings in his “Canzone dei Dodici Mesi” (Song of the Twelve Months), which, in describing nature, exalts its circular scheme of constant return to life:

“O days, O months that always go away, always similar to you is this life of mine
Different every year, but every year the same
The tarot hand that you never know how to play, that you neverknow how to play.”


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