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Non Expedit

Syrah is a grape variety that has been present in our region for some time now. The decision to produce this variety is to be found above all in the characteristics of our terroir: to really understand Syrah in Valle d'Aosta, one has to look at the granitic soil, the high summer temperatures and the altitude of the vineyards.

A mountain Syrah, therefore, in which aromatic generosity precedes fine and elegant drinking, giving this grape variety drinkability and tension, characteristics not always associated with it.

In reaction to the suppression of the religious orders and the confiscation of Church property by the Kingdom of Italy, with the 'Non Expedit' (literally ‘it is not convenient'), the Vatican banned Italian Catholics from participating in national political life. But some objected. The land from which this wine originated was part of the property expropriated from the Church and was bought by a local family at an advantageous price, but at a very high cost in the society of the time: excommunication.

Tasting notes

Bright raspberry red with purple highlights. Blackberry jam, wild berries and ripe red fruit are followed by light herbaceous notes of pasture hay, liquorice and black pepper. A taste profile of great freshness and elegance which, together with the silkiness of the tannic texture, gives a wine of marked intensity and persistence.

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