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Fumin Vallée d'Aoste DOC

VdA DOP Fumin

Intense, full-bodied, rich in aromas and sharp edges, kindness and brusqueness. Albeit, this controversial wine carries flavours that go beyond any previously experienced. It has hints of marasca cherry, blackberries and blackcurrants followed by chocolate and cigar boxes. We are pleasantly surprised by its lightness and dynamism. It is austere, dancing in the mouth while altering in intensity and aroma. It awakens memories of the earth; it recalls the winegrower’s fatigue and craving to unveil his yet undiscovered talent by producing something unique. Unique and real.

Grape varieties

This is a native Valdostan grape variety widely grown in the upper and central parts of the valley. First recordings of this variety date back to 1711, while it was later documented by Lorenzo Gatta around the first half of the 19th century. At that time, Fumin was described as being resistant to the cold and having excellent wine-making properties: tart, austere, deep in colour, not to be drunk young but requires ageing for a long period.

Interest in this wine is continually growing, more and more land is being cultivated with this grapevine. Today’s tendency is to produce monovarietal Fumin but blending has produced some very interesting results, even using a low percentage (10/20 %).

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